Salty Dog plays Celtic folk music with a distinctively ‘Maritime’ flavour. For the past twenty years, this Montreal-based group has brought foot-stomping, hand-clapping music to many parts of eastern Canada, including Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

Rocky Dalonzo:

Guitar-player, founding member and ultimate showman, Rocky is a Montrealer at heart, living in Kanata, ON, who says his ancestors came from the southern part of Ireland....the part that is shaped like a boot. His skill at harmonizing belies the ‘court jester’ persona he portrays on stage and off.

Tim Chambers:

Bassist, bodhran player, founding member and vocalist, Tim’s gift of executing both the long-winded and tongue-twisting songs denotes his Irish heritage. This storyteller will share a tune that will keep you clapping your hands and stomping your feet while you sing along.

Ron Jenkins:

This keyboard wizard brings along his great vocal skills and quick wit; he goes back many years with Rocky and Tim, both as friend and co-conspirator (musically). Ron adds his extensive expertise to the group, helping to create some intriguing arrangements.

Alex Kehler:

A McGill music graduate in baroque violin, Alex has devoted more than a decade to Celtic fiddle styles as well as other world music. Currently living in Sherbrooke, he has discovered a love for teaching while managing to continue an active playing career.